Miracle League

Miracle League Spring Season 2021

Unfortunately with COVID-19 we are cancelling the 2021 Spring Season of Miracle League. With vaccines on the rise, we are hoping to have a Fall Season!

Miracle League is a baseball program for special needs kids. It runs in the spring for 6 Saturdays. It is a completely FREE program for any special needs kid with any diagnosis. The field is specially designed for any kid, it’s rubber so it can be used by kids with walkers or in wheelchairs.



During each game, every kid is assigned a “buddy”. Buddies help with protecting the kids while on the field and also with assistance while hitting, running, or fielding! During the game, every kid hits, every kid scores, and the last batter of each inning hits a HOMERUN!

When each game is over, kids and parents can enjoy hotdogs provided by different volunteers each week.

If you have any questions about Miracle League or would like to have the opportunity to volunteer, contact Andrew Steinly at andrew@ymcawf.org or (940) 249-1791.