The Stephens Family Gymnastics Center is the Only gymnastics center in Wichita Falls that is USAG accredited and certified as a Member Club (#931762).

STEPHENS FAMILY GYMNASTICS CENTER- Noah Mathews, DIRECTOR and USAG Certified Professional Instructor

At the Y, kids can meet new friends, build skills, develop interests and try new things in a supportive environment with caring adults. Abundant choices are available for all skill levels and pursuits. Our programs emphasize values, sportsmanship, friendship, and most of all, fun! All gymnastics classes are held in the Stephens Family Gymnastics Center at the Bill Bartley Family YMCA, 940-761-1000.

Gymnastics Re-Opening Rules and Regulations


Gymnastics Family Play Time




Parent and Tot:

This class is FUN, FUN, FUN!  Not only is it a chance for your little one to start developing gymnastics skills but also for parent and child to bond in a fun and safe environment.  There will be a gymnastics coach for every 5 participants.

Adult Gymnastics:

This is a class for former gymnasts and beginners alike.  From college kids all the way to senior adults.  Come take advantage of our trampolines and pits!  This class will also have a coach for every 5 participants.

Tiny Tumbles:

This is a class specified just for 3 and 4 year olds to start to develop their basic skills and love for gymnastics.  This class will have a coach for every 4 people.

Miracle Gymnastics:

This class is for any and all special needs children, from non-mobile to high functioning.  This will allow them to develop agility, flexibility and a sense of accomplishment.

Boys Tumbling & Parkour:

Do you have a rowdy boy at home?  Bring him to us so we can channel that energy into something incredible.  This class will teach them proper tumbling with Parkour excitement.

Junior Gymnastics:

This class is for 3 to 13 year olds.  This is geared toward children with little to no gymnastics experience.  They will develop skills on vault, bars, beam and floor to be able to progress up the ranks to Mini Team.  There will be a coach for every 5 children.

Tumbling Class:

This class is designed for athletes just wanting to tumble.  For beginners all the way to advanced gymnasts, that are working on fulls.  There will be a coach for every 5 tumblers.


Once your athlete has progressed through the junior gymnastics program, they will have to opportunity to advance from the Mini-Team,  then Pre-Team and then all the way to the Competitive Traveling Team.

Private lessons available
Parent’s Night Out on selective Fridays Birthday parties available on Saturdays and Sundays


Stop by Bill Bartley Family YMCA at 5001 Bartley Drive, (turn at the fishing pond on Southwest Parkway).