Adult Raquetball

Adult Ladder Racquetball League

Registration: now underway

Date: October 1st – November 23rd

Ages: 18 and older


  • MEMBERS: $20
  • NON-MEMBERS: $40
Singles Matches will be scheduled by the players anytime during the week.
Doubles will be played on Wednesdays from 6 to 8pm. I will pair a lesser player with a better player to make doubles teams and keep them fair.
Player will receive 1 point for playing the match and 1 point for each game won
  • Example: PA wins the match in two games over PB
  • PA receives 3 points total for the match, 1 for playing and 2 for winning 2 games
  • PB receives a total of 1 point for playing the match
  • Make contact with your opponent scheduled for the week if you need to change times or nights.
  • Two games to 15, tiebreaker if necessary to 11, win by 1
  • Winner of the match is responsible for entering the scores
  • Your email address is your password to enter the scores


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