Lifeguard Certification

Preliminary Swim Test- This is what will qualify you for the lifeguard class. You must be able to: swim at least 60 yards of frontcrawl, breaststroke, and sidestroke (Frontcrawl and breaststroke must be done both with head out of the water as well as in); tread water for at least 2 mins; be able to swim underwater at least 15 yards; be able to sprint 20 yards, dive to the bottom of pool to pick up weight, bring weight up and tread with weight out of water, and then pull yourself out of the water to do CPR compressions.

If you do not pass, you will NOT be able to continue with class, however, payment can be deferred to next class or you can have 75% of your payment returned.

Lifeguard Class- Learn basic lifesaving skills and how to spot distressed swimmers. Learn CPR for the the Basic Life Saver, how to use Emergency Oxygen, and how to use an AED.

Workshop- If there is any hesitation on whether you can pass the swim test, this workshop is for you! Come work on your skills to prepare you for the test & class! ($35 for the class)

Lifeguard Swim Test on Saturday, June 24th – 10am to 11am
Classroom and swimming pool exercises Monday through Thursday (26th-29th) from 9am-1pm.

Swimsuit, towel, and whistle needed.

Must pay at registration – Under 18 must have parental signature.